Re:Vision represents an integration of the wide-ranging life experiences and diverse areas of interest and knowledge of its founder, Stacey Frost. Every step along her circuitous path through life has left an impression that has formed her perception of the world and how to make it a better place.

Frost grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, where she not only learned to buy and sell cattle, but also developed a deep respect for the natural world. She graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in neuropsychology and Master’s Degree in Clinical Developmental Psychology. She then became the youngest female options trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. After time spent pursuing business opportunities in Japan, Frost returned to the U.S., where she became immersed in construction and renovation of historical buildings, first in Philadelphia, then in San Francisco.

Upon moving to the city, Frost realized that most urban dwellers were completely detached from nature—something she as a country girl saw as missing an essential part of what it means to be human. They were not only unaware of the sources of their water, energy, food and other resources, but they exhibited symptoms of nature deficit disorder—the behavioral problems typically associated with children who lack contact with nature.

Given her multi-disciplinary background and deep understanding of the link between the natural world and the human condition, Frost concluded that a truly sustainable city required an integrated and systems-oriented approach—one that addresses existing infrastructure challenges, incorporates emerging community needs, utilizes the latest technologies, minimizes environmental impact, and remains economically feasible.

It was this systematic approach that provided the blueprint for what would become Re:Vision. To Stacey Frost and Re:Vision, each person and community on the planet matters and plays a role in the natural system. And the more people we can include, the more sustainable our environment will be.