What It Is

It starts with a Framework. One that’s been studied and developed over 7 years.

The Urban Re:Vision Framework™ has five pillars:

These pillars let us see the public space as a powerful, living system that needs to support human beings at all stages of the life cycle. It creates a new way of viewing cities, new ways of brainstorming ideas for thriving communities.

It is also a paradigm shift, in that it fosters everyone working together.

The philosophy for using the Re:Vision Framework™ is this:

We start with a block. Just one city, suburban or rural block.

Suppose that block is in Texas, San Francisco or someday, Mumbai.

Now imagine that each block is urban DNA that can catalyze powerful change in its surrounding neighborhoods, like a form of urban acupuncture.

When a community comes together to create ideas for one block, that block can become a sustainable model for the regions, cities, countries surrounding it.

That is what Re:Vision believes and what we are implementing in cities across America.

With the participation of communities, “What if” can become “What is”.

Who is this for?

The Re:Vision Framework™ is a tool that can be used by everyone, from the city planner to the business owner to the resident.

We have had participation from: